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So much I challenge that I may profess Due to the Moor my lord.



I am so happy that I met the wonderful Othello and we have fallen in love. I could listen to his voice forever – the stories he told me about his life as a soldier made me see that behind the strong exterior of the soldier, there is a sensitive man. He is such a good leader and all his soldiers look up to him and I just know he will be a husband I can rely on. I'm sad that my father is not at all happy with my choice. I know he and the whole family would have preferred me to marry a son of one of the famous noble Venetian families. It was a really difficult decision to elope to get married to Othello because I knew how much it would upset my father, but I knew that I had to commit my life to Othello and if my father had found out, he would have stopped me from doing that.


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Gentle Desdemona (Othello 1.2.25) , Divine Desdemona (Cassio 2.1.73) , Gentle lady (Iago 2.1.119) , My fair warrior (Othello 2.1.179) , Most exquisite lady (Cassio 2.3.18) , Virtuous Desdemona (Cassio 3.1.34) , Lewd minx (Othello 3.3.483) , Fair devil (Othello 3.3.486)


Married to Othello

Photo: Cesare De Giglio

Photo: Ellie Kurttz

Photo: Ellie Kurttz


  1. Cassio >>

    Bounteous madam, / Whatever shall become of Michael Cassio, / He's never any thing but your true servant.
    [3.3.7-9 ]
  2. Othello >>

    Perdition catch my soul / But I do love thee, and when I love thee not, / Chaos is come again.
    [3.3.90-92 ]
  3. Othello >>

    O, devil, devil! / If that the Earth could teem with woman's tears, / Each drop she falls would prove a crocodile.
    [4.1.244-246 ]
  4. Othello >>

    O thou weed, / Who art so lovely fair, and smell'st so sweet / That the sense aches at thee. / Would thou hads't ne'er been born!
    [4.2.69-72 ]
  5. Othello >>

    she can turn, and turn, and yet go on / And turn again. And she can weep, sir, weep. / And she’s obedient, as you say, obedient. / Very obedient. (4.1.254 – 257)


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The Illustrated Venice News
Dramatic Elopement

One of Venice's most eligible debutantes, Desdemona, daughter of our esteemed Senator Brabantio, has been secretly married. The amazing news is true: she has eloped to get married against the wishes of her father. Of course, everyone was agog to hear who has won the hand of this most beautiful of Venice's young ladies and there was some astonishment when we heard that the lucky man is none other than Othello, the famous general of our army. A reliable source said his age and origins made him a very surprising choice of husband for a woman from Desdemona’s class. As an outsider and someone completely unfamiliar with life at our court, Othello will face some challenges in fitting into a very different world.

I was lucky enough to secure an interview with Desdemona, and we talked of her feelings on this most exciting of days. 'For me,' she said, relaxing on an elegant chaise in an ante-chamber of the palace, 'the idea of marriage is the most exciting and romantic thing. But I just knew that it had to be someone I loved and not someone chosen for me by my father. When I first met Othello I knew straight away that it was our destiny to be together. He is such a wonderful leader of the army; I just know he will be just as wonderful as a husband.’

We moved on to talk about the dramatic events of the marriage. 'I know my father is absolutely furious with me for eloping with Othello. He wanted me to marry someone from one of our noble Venetian families, so I knew I would have to run away, despite all the difficulties, to be with the only man who can ever be my husband. I am sorry to have upset my father but it had to be. As I have only ever lived at home with my father and my family, I am looking forward to seeing more of the world and experiencing the exciting life of the army with all our brave soldiers.'