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Duke of Venice

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I am very aware of the great honour of leading the strong and wealthy state of Venice. My family has been responsible for leading Venice for many generations and I am determined that I will honour that legacy in the way that I rule. One of my chief concerns is to counter any threat from foreign powers especially from the Ottoman forces threatening Cyprus. I am glad that in Othello we have a strong and powerful general for our army who is an outsider and therefore not influenced by his own family background when he decides who to promote in the army.


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My lord (Brabantio, 1.3.198), Your grace (Othello, 1.3.283), Most gracious Duke (Desdemona, 1.3.243)



Photo: Ellie Kurttz

Photo: Cesare De Giglio

Photo: Ellie Kurttz


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    The trust, the office I do hold of you,/ Not only take away, but let your sentence/ Even fall upon my life.


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Who's Who in Venice
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His Family
The leading family in Venice

Who is he?
His Grace the Duke of Venice is our distinguished and noble Head of State. For many generations his family has been influential in the government of the state so he is able to call upon those years of experience as he deals with the challenges that face a leader.

Family background
The family has a long and celebrated history of public service to the State of Venice with a reputation for ensuring continuing wealth for the state and strong, stable government. Like all his noble ancestors, The Duke is concerned to ensure that Venice’s army is well-led and able to respond to any threats from foreign powers. He has a high regard for the other noble families in Venice and is keen to ensure that they remain a strong and vibrant part of the state.