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I nothing but to please his fantasy.



I am married to Iago, the ensign to our General Othello. He is a strong man, totally dedicated to his life as a soldier. I am not surprised that he has little time for me with all the pressures of his work. The role of us army wives is to support our men and not expect too much in the way of obvious shows of affection which might make a soldier look weak. I do try hard to please him and when I do our life is much better together. I do get lonely sometimes and I dread it when things are not going well for him because he takes it out on me. So, what I am really looking forward to is my new role, which is to look after Othello’s new wife, Desdemona. I think she will find life as an army wife quite hard, especially as she comes from such a noble Venetian family. I am going to have to help her get used to the ways of being an Army wife, but I must remember too that it is my role to support my husband Iago and make sure he keeps on the route to promotion.


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Desdemona, Lodovico


Good Emilia (Desdemona 4.3.13)


Married to Iago

Photo: Cesare De Giglio

Photo: Ellie Kurttz

Photo: Cesare De Giglio


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    Do not learn of / him Emilia, though he be thy husband.
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    Where should I lose the handkerchief, Emilia? (3.4.19)
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    Do not talk to me Emilia. / I cannot weep, not answers have I none / But what should go by water.


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On the Front Line - The Soldiers' Newspaper

We are used to reporting the day-to-day lives of you, the soldiers, so we thought that for this edition we would interview one of those dear to our hearts as we think of home- our wives and sweethearts. Emilia is the wife of Iago, ensign to our legendary General Othello. She talked to us about the role of an army wife at this most difficult time of threat in the distant island of Cyprus.

Speaking to our correspondent, she opened up about life on the front line for a soldier's wife.
'For me, being the wife of a soldier is such an important role. It is our job to support our menfolk as they face the challenges of life on the front line. We must make sure that our feelings are kept under control so that we don't ever make life more difficult for the men leading our country in war.’

Emilia went on to talk about an exciting new phase in her life in the army following General Othello's recent marriage.

'One task I am looking forward to is that of looking after our general's new wife, Desdemona, and helping her understand what it is to be the wife of a soldier. I am sure we will have much to talk about over the next few months. It will be good for me to have someone I can talk to, as it is often hard to talk to a husband who is a soldier. I know Desdemona comes from a very privileged place in society, so life on the front line may come as a real shock. I hope she will be able to cope with all these changes.’