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'Tis a strange truth.



I am a proud member of the noble Venice family and I am just as concerned as my brother, Brabantio, that the family name and reputation is upheld. The secret marriage of my niece, Desdemona, to Othello is a great worry to me. I feel, as I know my brother does, that she should have made a good match with the son of one of our noble families rather than throwing herself away on an outsider who does not understand our ways and traditions.


Brabantio >>


Brabantio, Desdemona


Signior Gratiano (Iago 5.1.92), Uncle (Othello 5.2.273)



Photo: Ellie Kurttz

Photo: Ellie Kurttz


  1. Othello >>

    I scarce did know you, uncle. (5.2.218)
  2. Othello >>

    Look in upon me then, and speak with me, / Or naked as I am, I will assault thee
  3. Lodovico >>

    Keep the house, / And seize upon the fortunes of the Moor, / For they succeed on you


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Who's Who in Venice
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His Family
One of the most important families in Venice.

Who is he?
Gratiano is the brother of Brabantio, one of Venice’s leading senators. He is concerned to support his brother and the family to ensure they retain their reputation and position at the top of Venetian society.

Family background
Gratiano is an important member of the family and will take over as the leader of the family should anything happen to Brabantio. Gratiano is as concerned as his brother that his niece Desdemona has secretly married Othello as he also feels that she should have married a more suitable man from another noble Venetian family.