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Ensign Venetian Army

In following him, I follow but myself. Heaven is my judge, not I for love and duty, But seeming so, for my peculiar end.



I am a soldier through and through. My service record is impeccable, but this has not been enough for me to reach the top of the army. I know I could do a good job and I am sure would be better than some of those who lead us now. It is a simple waste of my talents to be an ensign to a general when I could be lieutenant or even a leader myself. I should have been promoted instead of Cassio, who was only successful because of the way he crawls to those in Venice. I really resent the way that outsiders or these rich types are brought in as leaders of our army when we have home-grown men like me who could do just as good a job - if not better. I am married, though my wife is of no importance compared with my work as a soldier. A man needs a wife to keep him warm at night and make sure he has all he needs – he does not need her for companionship. Women are fools and can drag a man down if they are not kept in their place.


Roderigo >>




Honest Iago (Othello 1.3.294) , Bold Iago (Cassio 2.1.75) , Good Iago (Cassio 2.3.97) , Hellish villain (Lodovico 5.2.389)


Married to Emilia

Photo: Ellie Kurttz

Photo: Ellie Kurttz

Photo: Ellie Kurttz


  1. Lodovico >>

    What profane wretch art thou? (1.1.118)
  2. Desdemona >>

    O heavy ignorance! Thou praisest the worst best. But what praise couldst thou bestow on a deserving woman indeed? One, that in the authority of her merit, did justly put on the vouch of very malice itself?
  3. Othello >>

    And for I know thou'rt full of love and honesty / And weigh'st thy words before thou giv'st them breath,
  4. Othello >>

    No, Iago. / I'll see before I doubt. When I doubt, prove. / And on the proof, there is no more but this:/ Away at once with love or jealousy.
  5. Othello >>

    Thou has set me on the rack. / I swear 'tis better to be much abused / Than but to know't a little.
  6. Desdemona >>

    O good, Iago, / What shall I do to win my lord again? / Good friend, go to him. For by this light of heaven, / I know not how I lost him
  7. Roderigo >>

    I do not find that thou deal'st justly with me. (4.2.179)
  8. Roderigo >>

    Faith, I have heard too much, and your words and / performances are no kin together.
  9. Emilia >>

    O, are you come Iago? You have done well / That men must lay their murders on your neck.


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Military Service Record
Campaign: Cyprus Expedition
Rank: Ensign

He is a very highly competent soldier with a fierce determination to succeed. He is keen to be promoted and has worked his way up to the post of ensign. At his age he is anxious to achieve a more prestigious post before he gets too old. In his recent review he commented on how once again he had been overlooked for promotion and how, after all the years of service, he was expecting more of an important role in the army. He is a soldier who is very popular with those he commands and with his superiors – a sign of his skills with a range of people. He is a married man, but this does not seem to have lessened his focus on his life as a soldier.