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General Venetian Army

For naught I did in hate, but all in honour.



I have been a soldier since my boyhood days and know no other life – nor would I want another type of life. I have no home of my own and am completely happy to live in the barracks that the army provides. I like living surrounded by the soldiers and officers whom I lead and I think they like to know that I am one of them, as well as being their general. The comradeship of my fellow soldiers is of the utmost importance to me and I value their trust – it is something that is earned when soldiers stand shoulder to shoulder in battle facing the enemy. A trusted officer is absolutely vital for a general and I know I can rely on the men who have fought alongside me in all matters. I have served the state of Venice well in its overseas campaigns and I know I am respected by the Duke and the Senate. I have worked hard to establish my reputation and will defend that with every fibre of my body and mind. My personal life has changed recently in the most unexpected and marvellous way: I have fallen in love with Desdemona, who is the most wonderfully lively and exciting young woman. I took the risk of agreeing to marry her in secret against her father Brabantio's wishes, but I hope he will see that I am a good match for his daughter. After a life spent with the army and with hard-living soldiers it is going to be a strange experience for me to be a married man – I am not used to the sweet and soft ways of women. I am sure I will be able to balance my life as a soldier with my new married life.


Iago >>


Warlike Othello (Third Gentleman 3 2.1.27), Brave Othello (Montano 2.1.38), Noble Moor (Montano 2.3.128)


Married to Desdemona

Photo: Cesare De Giglio

Photo: Ellie Kurttz

Photo: Ellie Kurttz


  1. Desdemona >>

    The heavens forbid / But that our loves and comforts should increase, / Even as our days do grow
  2. Iago >>

    O beware, my lord, of jealousy. / It is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock / The meat it feeds on.
  3. Iago >>

    Look to your wife, observe her well with Cassio. (3.3.200)
  4. Iago >>

    My lord, I see you're moved. (3.3.229)
  5. Iago >>

    I see, sir, you are eaten up with passion. / I do repent me that I put it to you. / You would be satisfied?
  6. Desdemona >>

    Alas the heavy day, why do you weep? / Am I the motive of these tears my lord?


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Military Service Record
Campaign: Cyprus Expedition
Rank: General

He is a completely trustworthy, disciplined soldier with an unblemished record. He is a powerful leader with the ability to inspire loyalty and trust in his men. His powers of oratory are recognised as being the finest in the Venetian army and his diplomatic skills have been instrumental in securing good outcomes in peace talks. Othello places a great importance on trust and honour – these are essential qualities which he believes hold soldiers together in battle. Once a soldier has earned his trust he relies on him totally. His marriage is a new aspect of this powerful general's life and it is to be hoped that it will not detract from his success as a leader of men.