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Week 2

Rehearsals continue into week two, with the cast starting to practice on zip wires and ropes which will be used for entrances through the production. Check out photos of this and the read through below, and listen to interviews with the cast on the 'Interviews' page to find out what else they've been up to and their early thoughts on their characters.

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Week 2 Images

The cast practice descending from the Heavens.

The cast practice descending from the Heavens.

Georgina Lamb [Emilia] practices on the zip wire from the upper gallery.

Director Bill Buckhurst during a read through.

Dickon Tyrrell [Brabantio/Lodovico] during a read through.

Bethan Cullinane [Desdemona] and Alex Mugnaioni [Roderigo] during a read through.

The cast during a read through.

Director Bill Buckhurst.

Pieter Lawman [Duke of Venice/Gratiano], Georgina Lamb [Emilia] and Bethan Cullinane [Desdemona] during a read through.

Early research on the setting for the production.

Lloyd Everitt [Othello] during a read through.

Week 2 Blog

It's late afternoon of Friday the 6th, and we're just back from a tea break in the green room (Coffee or tea can be the best medicine at this point in the day!). The green room - if you don't know - is basically just a place to relax, learn lines, talk about the play or, inevitably, gossip. It's always good to have down time with the rest of the cast outside of the rehearsal room. We're getting to know one another really well now, and it's just as important to have a laugh with one another as it is to get stuck into the serious work. Being mates as well as colleague will really help us when we're up on stage a few weeks from now, sharing the energy and sending it out to the audience. 

That's something we've been talking a lot about this week; sending the energy out to the crowds. The Globe is such a unique space; so much craziness and joy, and it's really unforgiving to actors if they keep any of that energy for themselves. You can't sit on a thought or an action, you've got to share it with everyone! It's particularly exciting for me as it'll be my first time performing at the Globe, so I've been taking on board as much advice as I can from Bill, our director, and all the other seasoned Globe actors in the cast. So much to think about, but it's really exciting stuff!

And now we're about to enter the third week of rehearsals, so this is the point when all of us are desperately trying to remember our lines. It makes for some lovely moments in rehearsal - It's pretty hard to keep a straight face when the stakes of a scene are so high, and one of us (probably me) suddenly starts making lines up or spluttering utter nonsense. On a more serious note though, once you're off book you get a lot more freedom to explore the character physically. It's crazy how much you can find for free if you just think and listen to what Shakespeare's written. Clever guy. 

We've been working on a load of rousing songs for different moments in the play. Without giving too much away, they're all stupidly good fun, and undoubtedly going to be used in our pre-show warm ups, and maybe afterwards in the pub as well! 

Apart from that, I think we're all both enjoying and dreading the circuit training we have planned on Monday. So far it's been about every other day, but it's brilliantly gruelling. Great for the fitness, but also useful for getting the feel of being a military unit, doing our morning drills together as a squad. I'm looking forward to it, just got to remember not to have too big a breakfast....


From Freddie [Cassio] in the rehearsal room

Creative Brief

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A creative brief is given to each member of the creative team working on the project. It is intended to help them structure their ideas and keep a focus on the director's intended vision for the production. Check out moodboards and unused design concepts from our designers Premm here.