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Week 6

This week is week 6, and the first full week of performances. Check out photos of the final dress rehearsal below.

You can also see the final set design in these photos. Why not be creative yourself and design your own set for the production using our creative brief

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Week 6 Video

Week 6 Images

(Photo: Cesare De Giglio)

Bethan [Desdemona] & Lloyd [Othello] (Photo: Cesare De Giglio)

(Photo: Cesare De Giglio)

Freddie [Cassio]. (Photo: Cesare De Giglio)

Jamie [Iago] & Lloyd [Othello]. (Photo: Cesare De Giglio)

Jamie [Iago] & Lloyd [Othello]. (Photo: Cesare De Giglio)

Lloyd [Othello]. (Photo: Cesare De Giglio)

Freddie [Cassio]. (Photo: Cesare De Giglio)

(Photo: Cesare De Giglio)

Pieter [Duke of Venice], Freddie [Cassio] & Jessica [Bianca]. (Photo: Cesare De Giglio)

Bethan [Desdemona] & Lloyd [Othello]. (Photo: Cesare De Giglio)

Freddie [Cassio] & Dickon [Lodovico]. (Photo: Cesare De Giglio)

Week 6 Blog

10 shows down and 13 to go! Or roughly 15,000 students down and 19,500 to go! Now that really puts it in perspective. Nothing can really prepare you for performing the play you have rehearsed in front of a thousand excited teenagers, but we are learning a lot along the way. This show is made for this audience and although you can all be a little rowdy at times, (yes you), the show would not be the same without it. In fact on Tuesday evening we had a show that had a lot more adults than young people in and it was weird! We are so used to background noise and uncensored reactions that we are not quite sure what to do without it.

For example, there is a scene where Othello calls Desdemona (that’s me) a ‘Whore’ for the first time. In the rehearsal room I knew that that was a big moment, and I thought that I was reacting to it…until we got out in front of the audience. Lloyd who plays Othello said “WHORE” and the crowd let out a huge gasp, as if they were totally horrified, then began protesting for Desdemona! The work was done for me! The reaction the audience gave helped me to react. I felt as outraged as they did! Then we performed for grown ups- they gave a very polite gasp and I found myself thrown. What, do I have to do all the work myself?!

It is really interesting hearing what words and moments land with a younger audience. It is so encouraging because it proves that this story is still totally relevant today and provokes us to think about the relevant issues. I hear kids saying to me “why are you still here?”, “leave him!”, “this is a abusive relationship”. The way Brabantio talks to his daughter Desdemona always gets a huge reaction. ‘I had rather adopt a child..” he says, and the crowd almost boos!

Some stuff that is shouted out makes you want to laugh! My favourite one so far was when Othello stabs himself. I heard a girl at the front say “oh, so now you’re just going to kill yourself?”. And fair point too, after all the damage he has done! I have also had a group of kids warning me not to have any pillows on my bed, in case Othello tries to smother me. Little do they know he smothers me with the sheet! (SPOILER).

I’m not going to lie, this show is absolutely exhausting, but we are all having a brilliant time. The show only works when the audience is as vocal and involved as you all are. The researchers at the Globe think that when you are all in the theatre it is the closest atmosphere we have had to how it would have been in Shakespeare’s day. It certainly feels that way. We have had haribo’s thrown at us, but as long as there are no rotten tomatoes I am not complaining. Anyway, I love strawbs.

From Bethan [Desdemona]