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Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank.

Rehearsals have now begun for this year's production of Othello. Join us on our Week by Week journey as we follow the cast and the creatives through rehearsal and into performance.

This week we spoke to Bill Buckhurst (Director) about the theme this year's production is taking, and the world that Shakespeare is presenting in Othello.

Introduce yourself to the cast below and the characters they'll be playing. 

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Brief: Mood Boards

Bill Buckhurst, the director of Othello, has decided to base this year's production during World War One. He and the creative team were interested in documentary evidence of the experience of black soldiers during this time. Why not think about what setting you would base Othello in, and have a go at creating your own moodboard? Like us, you can take inspiration from anywhere you choose.


To help you out, here are 5 top tips for designing a moodboard:


1. Use a variety of sources for your inspiration - it’s easy to get stuck with familiar and similar looks.

2. Carry a camera around and build your own library of images and inspiration to work from.

3. You don’t only have to use images - words can help you to visualise what you want to achieve.

4. You might gather a lot of material to use but remember to be selective about the choices you make - one well selected image can have the same impact as multiple images.

5. Be clear what your moodboard is about and know your brief - too loose an idea means it can get chaotic!

Now download the moodboard brief and from the Brief Assets. Once you are done, email your creations to us at youngcreatives@shakespearesglobe.com and we may select it to feature on the site.

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