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Week 4

As rehearsals move into their final week, listen to the latest interviews with Bethan [Desdemona] and Dickon [Brabantio & Lodovico] to find out what they've been doing recently.

The cast have also been working on the music in the play. Check out photos of this and the cast choreographing the marches below. There is also a video with director Bill Buckhurst talking about the atmosphere inside the Globe during performances.

Did you have a go at last weeks Costume Creative brief? Click on the creative brief on the right to see designs of some of the costumes in Othello from our designer Hannah Clark.

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Brief: Costume

Check out some costume designs for a few characters in Othello from our designer Hannah Clark on the right.

Why not try designing your own costume and sending it to us at: youngcreatives@shakespearesglobe.com

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